My Acronis account

You want to activate Acronis True image and provide a serial number. The serial number is accepted, but you see this error message:

Activation required! Days remaining: 30

You try to resolve the issue by clicking Resolve issue or Enter serial number, but you see this message in the further steps:

The serial number is registered to another account.


Having issues with activating your Acronis True Image license? Paid for a license or renewal, but it still says "Trial" or "Expired"? Unable to sign in? This articles gives instructions how to fix that.

If you want to upgrade an Acronis Backup product to Acronis Backup 12, see this article.

You can receive upgrade licenses to Acronis Backup 11.7 if you have a valid Acronis Advantage Premier support program.

If you do not have a valid support program, you can purchase upgrade licenses for Acronis Backup 11.7.

How to subscribe to or unsubscribe from Acronis Newsletters or E-mail offers

Segment Product Purchasing options
Acronis online store offline
  payment methods   purchase methods

You have a subscription-based product purchased in Acronis online store:

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
  • Acronis True Image Subscription
  • Acronis Cyber Protect (Advanced) Subscription
  • Acronis Cloud Storage Subscription

Subscription-based products have an auto-renewal option, which means, you are automatically charged for the next subscription period and your subscription is extended for another year.

How to get Support on Acronis Website

We recommend you to create an account on Acronis website right when starting to use our products. If having an account you can easily:


If you purchased a subscription product from Acronis, you may need to change your payment details, e.g if the credit card used for payments expires or you simply want to use a different payment method.

What is Acronis account and how to create one

Acronis account is your tool to view and manage your Acronis products, upgrades and updates, support programs and support requests. This is the place where you can keep and retrieve serial numbers, download installation files and bootable rescue media, review release notes and product documentation, receive technical help, and get access to special offers from Acronis as well as notifications about new product releases.

You have licenses of Acronis products registered in your account at Acronis website. You want to move some or all of these licenses to another account (associated with another email).

First, check whether your license is a perpetual license or a subscription. How to check whether your license is perpetual or subscription

"Support Requests" is an Acronis account section, where you can browse and review all your cases

Where to find the serial number of your copy of Acronis product

Acronis products can be sold as subscriptions or as perpetual (or one-time purchase) licenses.

How to change the registration e-mail on Acronis website

You want to log in to your Acronis account at, but you have forgotten your password. This article explains how to reset the forgotten password and specify a new password for your account.

Do the following:

Log into your account at Acronis website and check the "Maintenance" status

To delete your personal account, follow the steps:

1) Log into your Acronis account

2) Go to Profile tab

3) Click Delete Account

Account deletion is an irreversible operation and cannot be undone. All information including licenses will be lost as a result of deletion.

4) Proceed to deletion

Phone support for technical issues is available in Acronis Advantage (business/home products) and Pay-Per-Incident (home products) support programs.

Frequently asked questions to purchase on Acronis website.