Use "soft,nolock" options to mount an NFS share from Acronis Bootable Media

You have defined an SMB and NFS share with same name. From Acronis Backup you can only access the NFS Share. Rename one of both to access both. 

NFS shares support in Acronis Backup products

The article describes step-by-step how to register new Acronis Backup Gateway (ABGW) with existing ID and connect it to existing NFS share storing existing backup archives remained from the previous installation of ABGW.


The following situation is being observed:

1. ABGW with NFS backend is deployed, node connects to NFS share IP via interface which does not have any ACI networks assigned;

2. After update from ACI 4.5 to 4.6 vstorage-abgw service started to fail with "failed to mount" error in /var/log/vstorage/abgw.log.zst log: