Privileges for VM backup and recovery on vCenter Server or ESX(i) host


I am having issues cloning a clustered VM from Acronis Manager Datacenter. What might be causing this, and how do I fix it?


This issue can happen when the host agents are having difficulties identifying the management server. To address this, please reinstall the Management Service and use FQDN or IP address in the connection setup (instead of host name as shown below).

Applies to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0 or later

How to import VZ7 Virtual Machine into Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

It is possible to copy a Virtuozzo 7 virtual disk to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Storage and create a new VM with that disk.

Follow the steps below:

On Virtuozzo 7 node:

1. Stop the source VM and find its virtual disk:

# prlctl stop <VM_name>
# prlctl list -i <VM_name> | grep hdd

Example of command execution:

You are backing up several virtual machines with Acronis Agent for Hyper-V (installed on the Hyper-V host) or Acronis Agent for VMware (Windows) installed on a Windows machine connected to the ESX(i) host.

The backup plan is applied to a group of machines.

In a while, you receive an error message or an email notification about the error: "No backup items were resolved. GXT: The item provider has skipped the report of an item with key."


You are trying to back up a Hyper-V virtual machine which has virtual disk with an ampersand (&) in file name, e.g. Docs&Users.vhdx. Backup fails with the following error:

Failed to get the disk information.


1. You have a Hyper-V host with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure role;

2. You install Acronis Agent for Hyper-V;

3. When you try to create a new automatic collection, creation fails with 

Could not retrieve the virtual desktop template details for <VM_Name>


SAN policy is set to Offline All during Agent for Hyper-V installation. This change is necessary to prevent Windows from breaking the bootability of the VMs recovered and/or converted from backups by Agent for Hyper-V.


The following critical alert is displayed when backing up Hyper-V host and virtual machine(s) on it:

The running backup has not shown any progress for some time and may be frozen


Most likely cause for this alert is that VM backup is queued as it is waiting for host backup to be completed.

Error message text will be improved in the future product releases.


  1. You have configured Office 365 C2C backup or agentless backup for ESX(i) VMs
  2. Backups run correctly, with no apparent errors
  3. When you check the dashboard for the protected O365 mailboxes or for VMs (e.g. for the last 30 days), the widget shows 0 Total runs and 0 Number of successful runs 


Issue in the product.


  1. You back up a Hyper-V Gen2 VM using Agent for Windows installed inside VM;

    (!) This issue does not reproduce with agentless backup

  2. After you recover this backup as new VM via Agent for Hyper-V, restored VM does not boot properly: only black screen appears. When you check properties of the restored VM in Hyper-V, restored VM is Gen1.


Specifics of product implementation.

  1. You recover a VM backup to a new virtual machine on ESXi 6.7 using Agent for VMWare (Windows) or Virtual Appliance.
  2. Activity fails with the following error:

    Invalid configuration for device '0'


  1. You have a virtual environment protected with Agent for VMware or Agent for Hyper-V
  2. When a backup plan is applied to two or more virtual machines, activities for backup progress are not shown on virtual machines; instead they are shown on Agent that runs on hypervisor level.
  3. Alternatively, warnings or activities are shown on incorrect virtual machine


Specifics of product architecture.

This article provides instruction for troubleshooting virtual machine backup failures in Acronis Cyber Backup virtualization solutions.


Follow these steps to troubleshoot virtual machine backup failures:


  1. You have an UEFI virtual or physical machine with on GPT disk with 5 or more partitions on it, including service partitions.
  2. You back up this machine using Version 12 backup format
  3. You attempt to recover this backup to a new Hyper-V VM on a disk with sufficient space, but the operation fails with the following error:


You are using Agent for VMware or Agent for Hyper-V or Agent for Scale Computing HC3 (in Acronis Cyber Protect 15) to protect virtual machines in agentless mode.

In addition to agentless backup, you installed one or several of the following Agents inside a VM:

  • Agent for Windows
  • Agent for Linux
  • Agent for SQL 
  • Agent for Exchange

Machine with Agent appears twice in the list of All devices: once as a virtual machine, once as a virtual machine with an agent inside.


  1. You created a backup of a VMware VM using Acronis Cyber Protect 12.5 Virtual appliance.
  2. You recover the backed up VM to the same host with Acronis Cyber Protect 15.
  3. When you boot the VM, it is not possible to change the boot order. The message is:
    All items on this menu cannot be modified in user mode. If any items require change, please consult your systems Supervisor.