This article instructs how to collect an application's memory dump file under WinPE/WinRE-based bootable media.

The dump file is required for investigating cases of application crashes and hangs.


Acronis Bootable Media builder offers new bootable media creation modes: "Simple" and "Advanced". Simple media creation mode requires minimum user interaction and is recommended as the default choice.

For those who are interested in how it works, and for troubleshooting purposes, this article explains the logic behind the Simple bootable media creation mode in Acronis True Image 2018.


You experience one or more of the following issues when booting the machine with Acronis Bootable media (or Survival Kit):

  • GUI elements or text are too small on a high-resolution display
  • Program GUI is distorted
  • Black screen is shown after boot menu


Proper drivers for video adapter were not added to bootable media: either no drivers are available or they are added incorrectly.